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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Mixing and mastering services is a highly important part of one's music career, whether you are just starting out of a garage, or you are a mega superstar and million album seller. Without quality mixes and complete control of the listener's experience, you can set yourself up as looking unprofessional while also compromising the integrity of the music. If you want to know how to get the best possible sound for your music, then you have options. You could invest in expensive mixing and mastering services and put in the extra time yourself - that's after, writing, performing and editing tracks - or you could turn it over to someone, who knows what they are doing. Many prefer the second option. If looking for a good provider, pay attention to the following:

1) Cutting edge technology

While mixing and mastering services does not have to possess the latest and greatest software package to create great music, he does have to be up on how to use technology to his - and your - advantage. Technology programs are updated often, so don't panic if your sound guy doesn't have the most current format. Panic instead if he does not actually know how to use the equipment to bring the best possible mix out of a track. It always helps to dabble in the experience yourself, so you can garner an appreciation for what a quality sound mixing service does. It also gives you the opportunity to compare final product to your own abilities. Maybe you can do things yourself, but be prepared. It's a lot more work, and you've still got to worry about setting up distribution channels.

2) Examples of work

You are well within your bounds as a potential client to ask a music mixing and mastering services for live links to their work, so you can judge for yourself what kind of quality they produce. Remember, the World Wide Web has accustomed listeners to a professional sounding experience, whether they have heard of a band or not. Don't entrust your work to someone that isn't ready to give it his all.

3) Cooperation and coordination

A quality sound mixer will allow you to take as much or as little interest in the post production work as you desire. He will value your ideas and work to ensure that he is not happy until you are. It may mean keeping the lines of communication open and active on a daily basis, but he will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

As you move forward with distribution, a full service provider will seem more attractive to you. It pays to hire a professional, who works exclusively within the industry. Someone who knows what works and what doesn't.

Do Your Own Mixing and Mastering - Pros and Cons

A lot of people think that with the technology these days that just anyone can mix and master their own projects from home without hiring a professional company to do the work for them. It is true that someone can mix and master and still come out with a nice but there are some disadvantages from not using a company.

Here are the Pros of why should do your own mixing and mastering services

The first reason is obvious - You can save a lot of money by performing your own mixing and mastering services and dedicated those funds to other areas, like marketing or promotion, which will also be high-cost projects to launch.

You learn to refine your mixing and mastering skills and be able to offer your own mixing and mastering services. Having a side job while you are trying to make it in the music industry is an absolute must. If you can turn your craft into dollar signs, you have a better chance at lasting in the music industry.

You can take as much time as you like and don't have to be worried about staying on budget. There no amount of hours that you are limited to.

Here are the Cons of why you shouldn't do your own mixing and mastering service

You never know if you are making edits that might harm the track in a way that can't be fixed, even by a professional

It takes a lot of time and effort to in learning mixing and mastering services. If your trying to save money by picking up this craft and don't plan on spending much time learning it, I would suggest not even trying. It takes years of dedication and ear training to be able to produce that industry quality sound.

Professionals succeed in this business because they have experience,they know how to perform mixing and mastering service by own. This is what they do on a regular basis, day in and day out. They have dedicated their lives to this craft and will have a much better chance at making your song sound like a hit. Not to say that beginners shouldn't try but industry professionals do this for a living and I would put my money on someone who has 10 years in the game rather than a newcomer.

It's really up to you whether you want to take the chance of your song not sounding like it could of if you were to of used an industry professional. Seriously think about your future when you are deciding where you are going to try to save money. If you want a quality sounding project, I would seriously consider hiring a professional.

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