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Free Ear Training Mixing Tip that will change your life

Incoming pro-tip. If you're serious about mixing, I highly recommend you do this.

There is a particular type of ear training I did many hours of during my time doing Berklee music non-sense, that drastically helped me. I just found the equivalent test for free, on puremix.


** You will have to create an account on puremix, but it's free. Just needs an email address!

Pink noise training with EQ boosts and cuts.

This is going to be HARD AS HELL for you at first, but I promise, if you stick with it, it's going to start making so much sense to you.

We all talk about "trusting your ears", but what does that actually mean? If you haven't trained them, how can you trust them?

If you never bench press, how can you "trust your arms" that they'll be able to lift the weight? Your ears need training in the exact same way.

Give this a try. Respond to this thread with your reactions. Was it hard? Easy? Did you learn anything? Do you use a reference to help you? One of the things I think of is "125hz sounds kinda like when you're driving a truck next to a freeway wall and you hear the tire noise". Whatever helps you to get it, use it!

Very curious to hear what your experiences are with this. These changed my life.

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