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Below are some examples of how mixing and mastering works before and after the audio mixing and mastering process. They are saved as lossy 128kb/s mp3 files to keep download and playback times to a minimum. This should provide a fantastic experience of how mixing and mastering contribute to the creation of great music. Keep in mind that the sample volumes are turned up to ensure the listener has an great experience at all times. As a result, we strongly advise that you listen with decent headphones to hear the adjustments that have been made.

background music mixing and mastering
After - Trap Sample
After - R&B Female Sample
After - Pop Sample
After - Rap Sample
Before - Rap Sample
After - Heavy Metal Sample
After - Afro Sample
After - House Female Sample
After - Metal Rock Sample
After - Dancehall Sample
After - Reggaeton Sample
Before - Trap Sample
Before - R&B Female Sample
Before - Pop Sample
Before - Heavy Metal Sample
Before - Afro Sample
Before - House Female Sample
Before - Metal Rock Sample
Before - Dancehall Sample
Before - Reggaeton Sample
Before - Rock Sample
After - Rock Sample
After - Male R&B Sample
Before - Male R&B Sample
After - Country Sample
Before - Country Sample
Before - Tropical House Sample
After - Tropical House Sample

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our before and after samples. If you are happy with what you hear, you may go ahead and click here to get started right away on your songs today. Our team is ready and full of excitement to make your music sound warm, punchy and radio-ready quality!

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