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Stem Mastering (Up to 5 stems)

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*Note that up to 10 stems Available*

(Select drop down menu to the right for 10 Stems)

How To Export Stems:

• Vocals Stems

• Strings & Pads Stems

• Sound FX Stems

• Kick & Bass Stems

• Synth Stems

Below Are A Few Of The Steps Taken During The Mastering Process:

• EQ

• No "presets" applied, every song is handled differently based on its needs

• Spacial Widening

• Compression

• Peak Limiting

• Ambiance

• Bass Enhancement

• Loudness Maximization

• Dynamic Expansion

• Fades/ Crossfades

• Noise Reduction

• Text/ ISRC

• Album Art Encoding

• Complete Dolby Mastering Ready to release on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer and all other streaming platforms.

Listen To Samples: "CLICK HERE"

NOTE: This service goes for only 5 Stem Mastering Wav Files. If you would like 10 Stem Mastering then please select the "Up to 10 Stems" to the top right for "10 Stem Mastering".

Click "UPLOAD" to upload your files to us so we can get started on your Stem Mastering.

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