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We help artists accomplish their dreams. At Audio Mixing Mastering

we can take your song from an idea to a complete mastered work of art for the fraction of the cost of other mastering studios. Recording studio time is costly and time-consuming. We offer you all the same services and talented staff for less! All our producers, mixing and mastering engineers have major label experience. We use a variety of tools not only to adjust levels but also in some cases to change the space, structure and positioning of the track components. What we call it is: "Dimensional Definition". We add effects and tweak with each component, either based on custom demands, or we'll just do what sounds good. Before you send us your audio track, be sure to separate each component (such as kicks, snares, synths.) and then send us the separated tracks so that we can work on each instrument individually.  Also, with vocals, send us each vocal separately such as lead vocal, background vocal etc. Try us and see why we are #1 Today!

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