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Every day, Clients are writing positive Testimonials and Reviews about our services. We just love receiving positive testimonials. One of the great joys of our jobs is helping artists realize their full potential. Audio Mixing Mastering will always be going the extra mile for our clients worldwide. For this is just another reason why we continue to be the #1 Online Mixing and Mastering Company for over 10 years!

They have been an awesome group of professional audio engineers, very helpful and collaborative! It was my first experience on mixing & mastering services and I choosed do it online with great success! A special mention to the cheap price that is really low compared to the achieved quality! It worthed the pain!

Ostara Richards

This is a great place to send a demo and get it polished for the radio. The ability to get a tight mix and a nice filled out master is here. I recommend this studio and appreciate the communication and timely turn a round i have experienced.

Cindy Sladek

Was great working with Audio Mixing Mastering! The final product was exactly what I was looking for and they were very patient and understanding making all the little changes I asked for. The EQ and overall treatment of the vocals is also of very high quality. If you want your track to sound radio ready I highly highly recommend these guy!

Luca Robin

Audio Mixing Mastering surprised me more than a little! It was like working with a top notch studio but never leaving your house! Being able to communicate back and forth with these guys put me at ease with getting my desired results! My single is radio ready and it’s all thanks to these guys!

Michael Jones

These guys provide high-quality at a great price. It’s hard to imagine there’s a better deal out there where value meets affordability. I’m very happy with the work they did for me

Not only did Audio Mixing and Mastering do an awesome job, they also provided great customer service like no other. I would definitely continue to use them!!
Thanks you AMM

JBM Productionz

The AMM team exceeded my expectations on sound quality and turn around time for the 1 day rush order. They're professional, reliable, and overall dedicated to getting your songs radio quality! Thanks again guys for all of your hard work


The AMM Team work on a really super professional stage. We got an awesome super friendly feedback with a super fast revision. We're so satisfied with the result and highly recomended to work with this Super AMM Team. Thank You So Much AMM.

Boaz Erari

They made my metal song sound huge!! Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable people!! Thank you so much for your hard work and amazing results on my song!!

Beyond satisfied with the work they have done for me. Well worth the money. Fast at what they do. This is where all my music will be going for mix n master here on out. Highly recommended!


I love working with this company. I've been using them for about a year now, and they never disappoint. If any changes need to be made to my song, they get it done until you are satisfied. I highly recommend them!

Johnny G.

Just want to note that i'm extremely impressed with this company and the producers. I've worked with so many and I have to say these guys are by far the best! They can take anything and turn it into perfection. Not only do they excel with their art but their service is incredible as well. Very very professional. I will be ordering again and promoting to everyone.

Eric W.

They did an awesome job taking my rough copy into consideration and making it sound how I had imagined it in my own head. Wonderful at their job most definitely recommended.

Matthew L.

I can truly say that I am totally satisfied with the end results; rich saturated sounds with a beautiful blend of frequencies. They are professional, respond quickly and are very patient with my questions. I will be working with them again. I highly recommend Audio Mixing Mastering. Thanks and many blessings!

Robin L.

Nice one mate, it's true about listening that same track over thousands of times, at the end you don't hear any difference anymore. Luckely I use Ozone too, this helps me mastering my track too. Cheers buddy, again a nice video!

William J.