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Get Started Following 3 Easy Steps!

Click here to choose your required service.

Fill out the form.

Click here to upload your files.

Note: Important to please fill out the form below on this page. After completing the 3 easy steps, our engineers will get started on your project right away. Your project will be completed within 72-120 hours of time. If you are in a rush, no worries! We also offer rush orders within 24 hours of time. This service can be purchased on our services' page as well. Once we have completed your project we will email you with your final radio ready to release WAV file. If you are not happy with the results you will have up to 3 FREE revisions to get your song perfected to your liking.

Thanks for submitting!

Ensure that the tracksout files are not clipping.

Export all tracks to -6db on channel faders (not just master bus).

Avoid using compression, normalization, EQ or any effects.

Make sure no channel volume is in red.

Submit 24 Bit WAV Files in 44.1 or 48 kHz.

To help us produce quality music, please ensure the next few steps are completed before you submit your tracks:

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