Send files following 4 easy steps!

1) Click here to upload your files.

2) Drag & Drop Files.

3) Fill the form with necessary information & file Link,

4) Click Send File.

Note: After transferring file(s) please go to our webstore page and pay the amount fee that is due to your project.

You can also send in your Rar/ Zip (Pro Tools or Logic) Project sessions.


To help us produce quality music, please ensure the next few steps are completed before you submit your tracks:

Ensure that the tracksout files are not clipping.
Make sure the peaks are not louder than -6db.
Avoid using compression, normalization, EQ or any effects.
Set the dithering to “None”.
Submit a stereo track 44.1 or 48.0 kHz – 24-bit WAV files, if possible.


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