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13 Rules For Crushing Spotify


1. Release Consistently

2. Verify your Spotify Artist account (go to their website, it's easy!)

3. Weeks prior to release date, use Artist Tools to submit your track

4. Don't just rely on Spotify Playlists, pitch User Playlists

5. Search by Genre to find User Playlists that match your sound

6. Reach out to User Playlists via Social Media

7. No Buying Plays (you'll get caught and lose your account!)

8. You need a 30 sec play for "1 stream"

9. Don't try to use Bots to Trick the system!

10. Curate your own playlist to update weekly

11. Playlist other artists, not just your own music!

12. Leverage Beatport/Social Charts to pitch Playlists

13. Follow @AudioMixingMastering for more tips on Marketing!

Spotify is very different than SoundCloud. Be cautious to "pay" for any type of Service. You need Real Organic plays. Pitching Playlists is everything. Leveraging Beatport / Charts will help your pitch!


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