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Vinyl Mastering

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The Vinyl Mastering Package provides everything you need to Master your record for Vinyl printing. This Package provides maximum quality using analog gears and is recommended for high quality Vinyl Mastering results. It includes everything in the Mastering order.

Below Are A Few Of The Steps Taken During The Mastering Process:

• EQ

• No "presets" applied, every song is handled differently based on its needs

• Vinyl Tape Mastering

• Spacial Widening

• Compression

• Peak Limiting

• Ambiance

• Bass Enhancement

• Loudness Maximization

• Dynamic Expansion

• Fades/ Crossfades

• Noise Reduction

• Text/ ISRC

• Album Art Encoding

• Complete Dolby Mastering Ready to release on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer and all other streaming platforms.

To Correctly Prepare and Send your material for Mastering "CLICK HERE"

After you've make your order you will need to Correctly Prepare and Send your Material.

Have Questions? Please click the Livechat button to the right below.

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