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How to stay motivated as a music producer?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

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For anyone about to give up on music production or audio engineering... Had this convo the other day with someone & had to drop it here. Being a professional audio engineer doesn't mean you magically know the solution to every problem in a mixdown... It doesn't mean you'll finish every client's track without questioning your capabilities... Heck.. it doesn't even mean you'll always be happy with the end result... See.. if that were the case, being a professional audio engineer would be a BREEZE.

But that's not the case... And thank goodness it's not.

Now that might sound odd... but here's why I'm so thankful this profession is such a fight: Being a professional audio engineer doesn't mean you instantly know the solution to a problem right from the start... But it DOES mean you become an absolute assassin at problem solving. You've built a deadly arsenal of countless possible solutions that WILL get the job done.. You just have to trial and error which one works best.

Being a professional audio engineer causes you to question your capabilities during just about every project worked on... ESPECIALLY when you're working with picky clients that have a vision for what the end result should sound like. But that doubt and accountability is the fire of refinement. It's what breaks you down to build you up into something better and stronger if you allow it to. It's what weeds out the weak... and fuels the strong.

Being a professional audio engineer means that last project you weren't happy with will keep you up at night until your next project is 10 times better. Sure the client was happy... but your standards are higher which means you won't rest until your next project is even better. That's what it means to be a professional audio engineer. That's why this craft is so beautiful and so highly valued. It's the struggle. The fight. The challenge. Anything in this life worth having is a struggle... a fight... a challenge... And I wouldn't have it any other way... Because the end results created in that process.... the character and determination forged... the one of a kind relationships built... Make it all so worth it... And that's exactly why I love this craft.

If you're not waking up fired up to jump back into that project to win the fight knowing the rewards that lie ahead... You're in the wrong profession. But if you are fired up...

Keep going.

Keep learning.

Keep fighting.

Because the end results are always so worth it.

To your music success as always,

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